WebDEAS upgrade June 25. Enhanced functionality based on driver training industry feedback

June 22 2021

An upgrade to the WebDEAS road test booking application used by the driver training industry is being rolled out on Friday June 25. The changes we have made are based on feedback from the Driver Training industry when we introduced the new WebDEAS interface last November. The updates have added important new features to help meet your needs to manage and book road tests online.

New Manage Appointments page lists upcoming appointments for all of your students
When you log in to WebDEAS you will see an enhanced administrator page that displays all upcoming appointments booked by your school for all of your students. You will be able to locate any particular student by searching either their name or driver’s licence number. Only one sign in is required to view, add and manage your bookings!

Ability for GLP approved schools to swap or re-assign class 5/7 appointments online
A new swapping and re-assignment function will allow you to swap appointments for those students who have completed their certified GLP program. If you have two students with booked appointments you may swap their road tests. If you wish to reassign an existing road test to another eligible GLP certified student you may do so. Appointments may be changed right up until the road test appointment time.

As of June 25 2021, swaps or re-assigned bookings may only be done online and not at the driver licensing office. A reminder that the student’s certification documents must have been registered on system with ICBC in order for you to enable the swap or re-assign an appointment.

Printing of appointment confirmation
After the upgrade a driving school will see a print option in the application so you may print off their confirmation of booking. As per the current application, all of these features are editable when viewing on a mobile device or tablet. This will enable you to manage your appointments right up until the road test time even if you are waiting at an office.

Prior to the release of this upgrade we invited a few schools to participate in user testing. Initial feedback has been that the system is now easier and faster to use.