Driver training schools may swap students enrolled in GLP course at time of road test

23 Sep 2020

As a pilot initiative for the next six months, driver training schools that deliver an ICBC (GLP)-approved driver education course may swap a student for another student at time of road test if both are enrolled in the school’s approved course and the original road test booking was made by your school. This should provide GLP schools with more flexibility in the event that the originally booked student is unable or not ready to take their road test.

When your instructors attend a driver licensing office and intends to swap students for a booking, they'll be required to go to the service counter with their student at road test set-up to provide information on the originally booked student.

No proof of approved course enrollment is required when attending with an alternate student; however, ICBC will record the swap for tracking purposes and you’ll be asked to provide a reason.

Swapping of road tests will not be allowed for any other students or road test types.

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