Driving school use of ICBC parking lots at Licensing offices and Claim Centres – Enforcement of parking lot restriction

02 Sep 2020

Please remind your driving school teams of ICBC's parking lot restrictions during business hours.

We continue to receive complaints from customers regarding congestion at our driver licensing offices. As stated in previous communications to schools, keeping the parking lots clear of unnecessary vehicle traffic reduces the high volume of activity in our lots and helps keep our customers and employees safe. It also ensures customers with pre-arranged appointments or who are in need of immediate service will have priority access to parking spots

ICBC has extended their road-test booking times until 6 p.m. As these are business hours we should not see your cars in our lots.

A number of driver training schools continue to use ICBC parking lots for student training, practicing and parking during business hours.

Section 8 of the industry Code of Conduct states

“Driver training instructors will not practice in or otherwise use parking lots at ICBC offices during business hours, except for parking, as required, to attend a road test appointment or for legitimate personal business, such as an instructor’s own licensing transactions.”

Effective immediately

Driving school investigators will be enforcing this code of conduct requirement. A driver training school in violation of this requirement may receive an immediate suspension of their road test booking privileges.

To avoid any interruption to a school’s driver training operation, we are asking that instructors attending our driver licensing offices respect the parking lot restriction.

Please take a moment to review the driver training industry Code of Conduct (DTC410) to re-familiarize yourself with the code of conduct requirements.

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