ICBC expands road testing to select claim centres

07 Aug 2020

Now that Class 5 and 7 road tests have resumed, we are working hard to get through the backlog of cancelled tests and reduce customer waiting times.To do so, we are temporarily expanding Class 5 and 7 road testing to ten ICBC Claims Centres. We’re calling these sites Road Test Claims Centres, or RTCCs.

An RTCC pilot at the Victoria Claims Centre (Dunedin) is underway with limited road tests commencing on Monday, August 10. We’ll gradually increase the number of daily tests.

The road tests at RTCCs will have all the same components as road tests at driver licensing offices. Feedback gathered during the pilot will be used to tweak processes and procedures prior to rolling out RTCCs in the Lower Mainland.

Road testing at RTCCs
Claims Centre Bookable by customer First available road test
Victoria (Dunedin) Aug 7 Aug 10
Surrey Aug 13 Aug 17
Langley Aug 13 Aug 17

The remaining RTCCs will be launched in phases:

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