COVID-19: Exemption for certain out-of-province licence holders to hold a B.C. licence has been extended during pandemic

06 May 2020

Certain out of province (OOP) licence holders in British Columbia are being given an extended exemption from the requirement to hold a B.C. driver’s licence until 90 days past the end of the COVID-19 emergency.

It applies to most types of OOP holders and includes

These OOP licence holders would generally be exempt under section 34 (1.1) of the Motor Vehicle Act. To be eligible for the extended exemption, an OOP licence holder’s current exemption must not have expired before March 17, 2020 — the official start date of the emergency.

The extended exemption will allow OOP drivers to continue driving from May 1, 2020 until 90 days after the end of the COVID-19 emergency. Drivers operating under this extended exemption must hold a valid and subsisting driver’s licence from the jurisdiction where they most recently resided, and must abide by all terms and conditions of that licence.

For more details on the specifics of the exemption, please refer to the Our update on COVID-19 (coronavirus) page on

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