All road test debriefs outside of DL offices

2 Oct 2020

As ICBC has now resumed passenger vehicle road tests, we would like to remind you that that due to office occupancy limits, our driver examiners are performing the road test debrief outside at the vehicle immediately after each test. 

Instructors are welcome to be present to greet their students before the test and for the debrief, but cannot accompany the student into the office. If you are attending a road test at an ICBC claim centre, you may accompany the student into the drive tube but will be asked to wait outside once the driver examiner has greeted your student.

If you wish to be present for the debrief please be available by the car immediately following the test. The driver examiner and your student will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment during the debrief. Please maintain physical distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) at all times.

A reminder that if an instructor is adjusting road test bookings for students enrolled in an ICBC-approved course, they are still required to go to the service counter with their student at road test set-up to provide information on the originally booked student.

After the road test set up is complete, they must leave the office and wait outside while the road test is being conducted. After the road test, the instructor may join their student for the debrief.

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