Licence plate number verification prior to road test

19 Feb 2019

Driver Licensing employees have recently been directed to request insurance papers to verify the vehicle's licence plate number prior to the road test. These requirements have been in place for some time at ICBC but are now being more closely tracked.

This requirement is in place to improve safety of our driver examiners and examinees. Having a vehicle plate number will allow for efficient follow up in the event of any incident such as a crash during a road test. It also allows ICBC to maintain the accuracy of the examinee's record.

For convenience, your driver training instructors may also take a photo of the vehicle's insurance papers or licence plate to show our staff during test set-up.

Our driver examiners won't refuse to conduct a road test if the insurance papers are not available.

Your support of this requirement is appreciated and will help to ensure a more efficient process when your students attend for their test.

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