Improved passenger vehicle and motorcycle road test forms coming December 3

16 Nov 2018

Starting December 3, 2018, there will be a new, combined road test results form (MV2959) for passenger vehicle and motorcycle road tests (Class 5, 6, 7 and 8).

Many customers have told ICBC that they find it hard to understand the results of their road test using the current forms.

In our efforts to improve products and services, we redesigned the form to make it easier for customers to learn what skills they need to improve and become safe drivers.

From October 2017 to January 2018, we piloted two new versions of the form at four different driver licensing offices in B.C.

ICBC chose the form that was most preferred by customers and, as a result of pilot feedback, we further improved the form by incorporating suggestions from customers, ICBC driver examiners and a group of driver training schools near the four pilot offices. We received positive feedback from everyone surveyed specifically about the Skill Explainer page. We’ve refined it further to provide increased transparency of our road test criteria and better understanding of the skills and behaviours we look for in a safe driver.

The new form is intended to enhance the road test debrief with the examinee, allowing driver examiners to have a more productive conversation about the testing criteria. It can also benefit driving instructors by providing a clear description of the road test results and potential areas for driver improvement.

Please note that new form will not change how a road test is scored, the marking criteria or the pass and fail thresholds.

For more information, refer to the Q-and-A’s and sample of the results section of the form which includes brief explanations of key fields in the new forms.

Driver examiner marking sheets are no longer included in what the examinees will receive after their road test.

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