B.C. Government announces new non-binary gender option

5 Nov 2018

The provincial government has announced a new non-binary gender option effective November 1, 2018, on government-issued identification cards (ID) and documents for British Columbians who do not identify as male or female.

Individuals may now request to have an “X” printed in the sex field on the following ID cards by either presenting an acceptable foundation ID document with the desired gender, or by following the process on the BC Services Card website:

Allowing X on government-issued ID cards aligns with national and international standards established by Passport Canada and the International Civil Aviation Organization, which has already been adopted by many Canadian jurisdictions.

Customers can also find information on how to change their gender designation on icbc.com, which links to government’s application process and required forms. A new wallet card is also available to assist customers in clarifying with businesses, organizations and other government entities that the X is a valid gender designation on ICBC-issued cards and B.C. birth certificates.

Have questions? Call ICBC’s driver licensing contact centre at 1-800-950-1498.

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