Changes to re-test wait times for knowledge and road tests

25 April 2018

Starting June 25, 2018, drivers who fail a knowledge or a road test may need to wait longer before another attempt is allowed.

Repeat testing increases the number of overall tests and contributes to longer road test wait times. ICBC wants to discourage unprepared drivers from using repeat testing as a means of practicing to qualify — instead of developing the necessary knowledge and skills to drive safely.

The majority of your students will not be affected by these changes as 65% of knowledge test applicants and 60% of road test applicants qualify on their first attempt. 92% of all examinees qualify on their road test within three attempts.

The benefit is that longer re-test wait times will free up additional road test appointments for those who are better prepared to pass on their first or second attempt. Increasing the time between re-testing also provides an incentive for drivers to be better prepared and possibly take additional training.

Revised re-test wait times effective June 25, 2018
Failed attempt All knowledge tests, pre-trips and
motorcycle skills tests (MST)
Class 1-4 road tests Class 5-8 and, endorsement 7
and 20 road tests
First 7 days 14 days 14 days
Second 7 days 30 days 30 days
Third or more 7 days 30 days 60 days

As some of your students may have limited access to appropriate practice vehicles, commercial road tests waiting periods have a maximum of 30 days compared to the new 60-day wait for passenger and motorcycle road tests after a second attempt.

The new re-test wait times will start on a “go-forward” basis from June 25. Any test failure on or after this date will be considered the first failed attempt regardless of previous test failures.

For further information, refer to the Q-and-A's.

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