Important information about the new enhanced road assessment (ERA)

08 January 2018

Recently, RoadSafetyBC started sending letters to drivers referencing the new ERA program beginning March 5, 2018, instead of the DriveAble program. 

ICBC will use the Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) to evaluate drivers whom RoadSafetyBC determines need a functional road assessment regarding their medical fitness to drive safely.

You may soon receive customer inquiries regarding the new ERA program.

Refer to the overview and FAQs provided by RoadSafetyBC for further details about the ERA program to assist you with customer inquiries. RoadSafetyBC also has an informative ERA brochure on their website.

If you have any ERA related questions, contact

It’s important to note that current re-exams — even with the addition of ERA — account for a small proportion of road tests conducted; however, ICBC will be monitoring the additional demand to ensure there isn’t an impact on road test wait times.

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