Select driver licensing offices to pilot improved road test feedback forms

25 September 2017

Starting October 1, 2017, select ICBC driver licensing offices (Point Grey, Langley, Nanaimo and Kamloops) will begin piloting two different versions of an improved Class 5/6 road test form during October and November.

We have heard that the current "summary sheet" and "how to read your road test results" are not suited to provide clear and constructive feedback and are rarely used. In addition to the verbal debrief from the driver examiner, the new forms are designed to give drivers clearer feedback on what they did well, how to improve and what specifically led to an unsuccessful test result.

The new road test feedback forms do not change a road test result or how the tests are scored. The intent of these new forms are to assist ICBC driver examiners communicate test results effectively to help drivers improve their driving skills. Piloting two types of forms will allow for a better understanding of what works best for the finalized version.

The new forms used for the pilot will have a web address for customers to give feedback. Driver examiners will also be asked how each of the new forms worked and the improvements needed.

We look forward to introducing a final version of the road test feedback form that will benefit everyone — including the driver training industry.

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