GLP incentive letter discontinued

11 September 2017

As of August 31 2017, ICBC discontinued sending out the GLP incentive letter to new drivers at the 17 month period of their novice stage. The change was made based on an assessment of the timeliness and effectiveness of the letter.

Instead, we invite driving schools to take this opportunity to better reinforce the importance of responsible driving behaviours when discussing the incentive and how it may affect the earliest exam date. Face-to-face interactions resonate better with students than a written communication sent in the mail.

To help provide more timely information on the incentive and promote the importance of safe driving behaviour to driver training students, we've created an editable Word version of the GLP incentive letter for GLP schools to provide and discuss at an appropriate time during driver training. The letter is accessible from our Teach an ICBC-approved course page and our Approved course publications page on to use or modify as necessary to reinforce the incentive to students.

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