Update to icbc.com

13 May 2014

A new version of icbc.com has been launched.

The updated website features new navigation designed with customers in mind — focusing information on the most common tasks and searches.

The homepage now quickly filters customers into three categories: new driver, new to BC and existing customers. Within these categories, information is sorted into key tasks such as reporting a claim or booking a road test. You'll still find the same great content — it's just been reorganized to better meet the needs of our customers.

The business partner pages have not changed and you will still find the same information there. The link to the business partners pages has moved to the bottom of the home page instead of the top.

The re-launch of icbc.com is a part of our larger business renewal program which runs until the end of 2015 and includes updates to other key systems and technologies to make them more customer-friendly.

Check out the new icbc.com

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