Driver licence numbers will soon be issued 'out of sequence'

1 May 2014

ICBC currently issues driver licence (DL) numbers to customers in a sequential order. Starting on May 12, 2014, ICBC will begin issuing non-sequential DL numbers.

Example: An individual receiving a licence 10 years ago may have received a seven digit licence beginning with the number “7”’ — in January 2014, the number would have begun with “9”.

As a result of this change, as of May 12, 2014, ICBC customers will now be issued seven digit DL numbers that start with any digit “0” through “9”.

Please note that this change will not impact the general public.

When checking your students’ driver licences

Remember to check each of your students’ driver licence to ensure it is current before conducting a practical (in-car) driving lesson.

When checking for a valid licence, it is important not to make an incorrect assumption about its validity or the age of your student based solely on the licence number — a new driver may have been issued one of the available (non-sequential) licence numbers.

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