Learn to drive smart manual campaign

1 April 2014

A new electronic eBook version of the Learn to Drive Smart manual is now available on the iPhone/iPad app making it even easier for drivers to study anywhere — anytime.

ICBC driving manuals are currently available in PDF format on icbc.com, but this format does not easily adapt to portable devices such as phones or tablets.

A new eBook version of the Learn to Drive Smart manual has been conveniently packaged in ICBC's iPhone/iPad app and is downloadable for all devices and tablets. The intent is to:

Providing ICBC customers with an improved experience, will set the stage for fully interactive/value added manuals in the future so that more will choose to use the electronic versions.

How driving schools can help

Online learning is increasingly preferred, and promoting online manuals is environmentally conscious and will help reduce ICBC printing costs. The improved eBook format — in combination with the online practice knowledge test — will better assist new drivers in obtaining their learner's licence.

To help promote the new electronic version of the Learn to Drive Smart manual, driving schools were sent posters for their display along with information cards for their students.

When students ask for a driving manual, schools are asked to suggest the Learn to Drive Smart online guide as a green alternative to the physical manual — and to offer them an information card.

Learn more about the online driving guides and ICBC app

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