Private vehicles used for driver training

5 February 2014

Students of driver training schools may sometimes ask if they can use their own vehicle for their lessons.

The answer is Yes — private vehicles can be used as long as the student holds any class of licence other than a Class 7L.

The experience and ability of licensed drivers can vary widely — especially new residents who may not be familiar with driving on B.C. roads. Instructors may want to consider assessing a licensed driver's abilities in a dual control vehicle before offering instruction in a private vehicle.

Have questions about private vehicles being used for driver training? Contact an ICBC driving school inspector.

When a driving school vehicle must be used

If a student has never held a driver’s licence and currently holds a B.C. Class 7 learner’s licence, a driving school vehicle must always be used.

Driver training vehicles must meet the vehicle requirements and have undergone a mechanical safety check (including dual controls) by an ICBC accredited inspection facility.

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