Buses used for Class 2 road test

21 October 2013

Smaller sized buses with a seating capacity exceeding 25 people to a maximum of 34 people (including the driver), may now be used for road tests to obtain a Class 2 driver’s licence with a restriction 51 (maximum 34 passengers).

In the past, most school buses weren’t equipped with seat belts for passengers, so seating capacity for smaller buses was based on the number of adult passengers.

Recently, some manufacturers have started installing seat belts, including smaller, child-sized seat belt assemblies that do not accommodate adult passengers — so there has been an increase in the seating capacity of some seatbelt equipped school buses.

According to Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, the seating capacity of a school bus, when equipped with seatbelts, is defined as the sum of all seat belt assemblies on a bus.

For school bus road testing purposes: School bus

The restricted Class 2 licence provides a flexible testing and licensing option for customers with these types of buses. Although we do not anticipate seeing a lot of this type of vehicle, we do want to ensure that you know about this revised approach.

If you have any questions about suitable road test vehicles, contact your local ICBC driver testing location.

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