Become an instructor training facility

Interested in training instructors? As an instructor training facility, you have the authority to deliver instructor training courses.

All instructor applicants must take instructor training at an ICBC–authorized training facility.

Types of facilities
Facility type Type of training it can offer
Class 5 instructor training facility

One-on-one training: 85-hour (Class 5) instructor courses to Class 5/7 instructor applicants

Group training: 100 to 105-hour (Class 5) instructor courses to Class 5/7 instructor applicants.

Class 1 instructor training facility 40-hour (Class 1) courses to Class 1 instructor applicants — After applicants successfully complete or are enrolled in a Class 5 training course.
Class 6 (Motorcycle) instructor training facility 80-hour (motorcycle) instructor courses to Class 6/8 instructor applicants.
Air brake instructor training facility 35-hour (air brake) instructor courses to air brake instructor applicants.

Having a business relationship with ICBC

As an instructor training facility, you enter into a written agreement with ICBC to train instructor applicants. This is an important role and business relationship because you'll help ICBC develop skilled instructors who train the drivers of tomorrow.

The written agreement outlines the program requirements and the standards for eligibility (i.e., instructor qualification, requisites of trainees), driver assessments, and course curriculum.

Getting started

Before you apply, start by learning about the participation and application requirements:

Steps to becoming a facility

Contact us to request an application package be mailed to you.

Once you are familiar with the requirements of the instructor training certification program, follow these steps:

Complete the application package

It includes:

  • written agreement with ICBC
  • office and classroom list
  • personnel list
  • driving inspector contact list
  • Division 27 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations
  • Curriculum Comparison Report (not applicable to class 6/8 or air brakes), and
  • sample lesson plan.

Prepare a course curriculum

You will need to prepare a course curriculum and include it with your application. Your curriculum must include the subjects listed in Schedule C – Curriculum Standards of the Instructor Training Facility Agreement.

Conducting your pilot course

Once your application and curriculum are approved, you will receive interim approval to conduct a pilot course.

A pilot course is an opportunity for you to try out your course with actual students. One of our driving school inspectors will provide comments and may give suggestions to improve your course.

After the pilot course evaluation, you will receive a signed copy of the Instructor Training Facility Agreement which gives you authority to train and assess instructor candidates.