Approving an instructor trainer

ICBC–authorized instructor training certification facilities must use qualified instructors to train instructor candidates enrolled in their training program.

Learn how to apply for instructor trainer approval under the instructor training certification program.

Getting started

An instructor trainer needs to meet these basic requirements:

Class 1 instructor trainers must:

Class 5 instructor trainers must:

for a practical (in-car) instructor trainer designation,

for a theory (classroom) instructor trainer designation,

Motorcycle instructor trainers must:

Air brake instructor trainers must:

Steps to approve an instructor trainer

Submit your application

Class 5 designation

For a Class 5 designation, the first step is to complete an application form.

Send us your completed application form and include the instructor's proof of qualifications.

All other designations

For a Class 1-4 , motorcyle, or Air brake designation, submit your request in writing and include the instructor's proof of qualfiications.

If you wish, you can send us your application by email.

Undergo an instructor trainer evaluation (Class 5 only)

Class 5 instructor trainers who meet the basic requirements must undergo an evaluation with a driving school inspector. If pre-approved, we will let you know how your instructor can arrange for their evaluation.

Note: The evaluation requirement does not currently apply to other designation types.

After the evaluation, the inspector will provide comments and may give suggestions for improvement. The inspector is there to help, so your instructor can feel free to ask questions.

Get your approval letter

Class 5 designation

If your Class 5 instructor is successful on their evaluation, we will send you an approval letter — when you receive it, your instructor can can begin training Class 5 instructor trainees at your facility.

All other designations

If your instructor meets the basic requirements, we will send you an approval letter — when you receive it, your instructor can begin training instructor traineess at your facility for the approved designation.