Take the Class 1 MELT orientation course

To teach B.C.'s Class 1 MELT course, you must complete the MELT Orientation Course (MOC) to maintain your Class 1 driver training instructor licence. To also teach MELT theory content, you must complete the ICBC Approved Instructor Theory Course (AIT), formerly called the "Graduated Licensing Theory Course (GLT)*.

How to get your Class 1 MELT designation

To obtain your Class 1 MELT instructor designation, you need to meet these requirements:

Instructors who hold an instructor's licence with a MELT designation can teach a Class 1 mandatory entry-level training course at a licensed driving school.

Course schedule

MELT Orientation Course (MOC):

Approved Instructor Theory (AIT) Course:

Completion of the AIT course is required for

The AIT course consists of five-day sessions delivered virtually on Zoom.

*The AIT course is not required for instructors that currently hold a GLT designation.
As of October 18, 2021, the Class 1 instructor training course for a practical or theory licence designation will include all of the necessary MELT orientation training to allow them to teach MELT. The AIT course will be maintained for new instructor applicants for a Class 1 theory designation.

How to register

– MOC registration opens April 16, 2021.
– AIT registration opens May 17, 2021.

To register for an upcoming course:

2021 course schedule
Course Date Times Course availability
MOC session 1-4 TBD Choice of morning, afternoon, evening, or combination of morning and afternoon Open for registration April 16
MOC session 5-7 TBD Choice of morning, afternoon, evening, or combination of morning and afternoon Open for registration April 16
AIT course TBD TBD Open for registration May 17

Additional courses will be scheduled as required and will open for registration once current courses have been filled.

Change or cancel your course enrollment

If you're already enrolled in an upcoming course and wish to change or cancel your registration, email Melt.Training@icbc.com.

Course information

What is covered in the course?

The MELT orientation course (MOC) includes:

  • MELT standards and policies
  • course assessment standards and requirements
  • overview of lesson plans and course materials provided
  • two short online courses (fuel efficiency and human trafficking)
  • driver training professionalism

What I need to do to complete the course

To complete the course, you'll need to:

  • attend and participate in all seven course orientation sessions, and
  • complete two short online courses outside of course time.

How to prepare for the course

Review course materials and complete workbook assignments before attending the course.

Is there a course fee?

  • The MELT instructor training program is free during the MELT transition phase.
  • All course materials are provided.