Become a driving instructor

Ready to start a career as a driver training instructor? We can help.

If you are qualified, you can be an instructor for passenger vehicles (car), motorcycles or commercial vehicles.

Get your instructor licence

To teach driver training in B.C., you must meet certain requirements and be licensed by ICBC.

These requirements do not apply to teaching air brakes. For an air brake certificate of qualification, see become an air brake instructor.

Do I qualify?

To become an instructor, you'll need to meet these requirements:

When applying for an instructor's licence, there is a cost for some requirements.

Estimated costs
Requirement Cost
Criminal record search $50-$100 *
Medical evaluation $60-$200 *
Instructor training course $4000-$10,000 *
Instructor licence $30 licence fee (to be paid after course completion)

* Costs are estimates only.

After applying, you’ll need to pass a driver training course and order your licence.

Steps to becoming a driving instructor

Request an instructor application

This part of the application includes a review to check that you qualify and meet the requirements.

Complete the request for instructor application online, or contact us.

Complete the application package

If you meet the requirements of the review, we'll send you an application package for completion — it includes:

  • application form
  • medical evaluation form (completed by your physician)
  • criminal record search request letter.

Complete all parts of the application and send it to the address noted in the package.

Do not include your $30 licence fee at this time — only submit the fee after completing your training course.

Complete an instructor training course

Once your application has been reviewed, we will contact you.

If you are approved, the next step is to take an instructor training course at an authorized instructor training facility.

List of instructor training facilities

Types of facilities
Facility type Type of training it can offer
Class 5 instructor training facility
  • One-on-one training: 85-hour (Class 5) instructor courses to Class 5/7 instructor applicants
  • Group training: 100 to 105-hour (Class 5) instructor courses to Class 5/7 instructor applicants.
Class 1 instructor training facility

40-hour (Class 1) courses to Class 1 instructor applicants — After applicants successfully complete or are enrolled in a Class 5 training course.

Class 6 (Motorcycle) instructor training facility 80-hour (motorcycle) instructor courses to class 6/8 instructor applicants.
Air brake instructor training facility 40-hour (air brake) instructor courses to air brake instructor applicants.

Challenge the instructor training course requirement

Mail completion certificate to ICBC

Once you complete the instructor training course, the next step is to get your licence.

Send the following to ICBC’s Driver Training Industry Support:

  • your course completion certificate, and
  • $30 licence fee — and $15 for each additional licence (cheque payable to ICBC). If you are planning on teaching at more than one branch office or school, you need to request additional licences to be displayed at those locations.

Mail to:

ICBC Driver Training Industry Support
PO Box 3750
Victoria BC V8W 3Y5

If you have any debts owing to ICBC, these may need to be paid before an instructor’s licence is issued.

After receiving your course completion certificate and fees, we’ll send you your instructor licence. When you receive it, you can begin instructing at a licenced driving school.