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ICBC's Driver Training Industry Support and driving school inspectors administer B.C.'s driver training programs and works with the driver training industry to deliver effective driver training to British Columbia drivers.

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ICBC's driving school inspectors

ICBC's driving school inspectors monitor and ensure compliance within the driver training industry of British Columbia.

Our inspectors are there to help the driver training industry conduct their driver training programs to British Columbia drivers.

The role of a driving school inspector

Have questions and need help with the conduct of driver training programs, record keeping practices and understanding driver training regulations and requirements? ICBC's driving school inspectors are available to answer your questions and help you be successful as a driver training stakeholder.

How inspectors help

ICBC's driving school inspectors regularly monitor its driver training industry stakeholders to ensure compliance of regulations and agreements that stakeholders have with ICBC.

To ensure that B.C. drivers receive quality driver training services from driver training stakeholders that help put safe drivers on the road, driving school inspectors' conduct:

  • regular inspections of driving schools and certification facilities
  • course and assessment officer evaluations,
  • and investigations for reported concerns from students/parents and industry stakeholders

If necessary, inspectors may issue:

  • compliance notices for any infractions and,
  • tickets for violations of Division 27 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

Remember, driving school inspectors are there to help you be successful as a driver training industry stakeholder. A visit from an inspector is an opportunity for the inspector to provide you with valuable feedback and for you to ask questions.

Contact an inspector

Driving school inspectors serve all of British Columbia. Need to contact an inspector? Find a driving school inspector in your area