Teach an ICBC-approved course

Licensed driver training schools can have their class 7 or 8 driver training course approved by ICBC. This course is designed for new drivers in our graduated licensing program (GLP) and provides many benefits.

Benefits of an ICBC-approved course

The course, which is based on our Mapping a Safe Course curriculum, aims to actively engage new drivers in learning in a fun, interactive way. It focuses on helping drivers develop a safe, responsible attitude behind the wheel.

Drivers who take an approved course could receive:

If you are licensed driving school interested in offering this excellent course to your students, learn how to submit your course for approval.

* To qualify, a driver must take the course during the Learner stage and have no violations or at-fault crashes during the first 18 months of the Novice stage.

Course details

Class 7 - Passenger vehicle training hours

  • Minimum classroom instruction — 16 hours
  • Minimum individual on-road instruction — 12 hours
  • Discretionary time — 4 hours
  • Total 32 hours

Class 8 - Motorcycle training hours

  • Minimum closed circuit instruction — 10 hours
  • Minimum classroom instruction — 13 hours
  • Minimum on-road instruction — 14 hours
  • Discretionary time — 2 hours
  • Total 39 hours

Topics taught include:

  • avoiding risks like speeding and driving impaired
  • driver psychology
  • rules of the road
  • vehicle performance, and
  • vehicle-handling skills.